Gerald Tarrant

Assault Eladrin Swordmage


Eladrin Swordmage – Assault Aegis

Strength – 14 Constitution – 11 Dexterity – 12 Intelligence – 20 Wisdom – 10 Charisma – 8

Skills: Arcane – 12 Athletics – 7 History – 12 Insight – 5 Perception – 7 Religion – 5

Feats: Alertness

Powers: Greenflame Blade Lightning Lure Frost Backlash Lightning Crash Aegis of Assault

Race Features: Trance – 4 hours of alert meditation take the place of 6 hours of sleep Eladrin Weapon Proficiency – Long Sword Eladrin Education – training in one additional skill Eladrin Will – +1 Will, +5 versus charm Fey Step Fey Origin

Class Features: Swordbond – bond with one blade (1 hour mediation), standard action to call sword to hand (10 squares), fix blade in 1 hour Aegis of Assault – at will power Swordmage Warding – +1 AC with blade, +3 AC is off-hand is free, if unconscious warding ends, restore with rest

Languages: Common, Elven

AC with Leather Armor and Swordmage Warding: 20


Basically Astrazalian is a Eladrin city in the Feywild for part of the year is teleported into the mortal realms. The formians are deformed and insane giants bent on taking over Astrazalian so they are constantly besieging the city while it’s in the Feywild. Finally Mag Tureah is an underground fortress in the Feywild controlled by but not built by the formians. Inside the fortress are many randomly appearing portals that lead to other places in the planes including the mortal realm.

Back Story:

A former citizen of Astrazalian having trained at the famous White Lotus Academy Gylan became a member of the royal guards aspiring to become a Coronal guard. One of his first missions was to protect an important emissary on his mission to acquire additional help for the beseiged city. During the mission Gylan was to dress as the emissary to play the decoy should any trouble arise. In the course of the mission they were ambushed by an overwhelming force of assassins sent by the formians. Gylan’s group because disorganized and the emissary was killed in the course of the battle. He was forced to flee and the attackers gave chase believing they had the emissary nearly in their grasp.

Lost in the thick forests of the Feywild he was eventually captured by the assassins. Taken to Mag Tureah he was tortured and imprisoned within it’s black dungeons. After years of imprisonment he managed an escape, lost in the wandering halls of the fortress and hiding from his captures he stumbled into one of the many random changing portals appearing within the citadel and found himself in the mortal realm with no known method of returning to the Feywild or his home. He now seeks to redeem his honor, improve his abilities and one day return to Astrazalian and assist in it’s liberation.

Gerald is Gylan’s classmate and friend and, after the attack and subsequent capture, he was sent off to find and rescue him (if possible). Spending much time alone search he came upon his injured, lost and barely coherent friend and together escaped into the mortal realm.

Gerald Tarrant

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