"Crab Foot" DuBaku

Minor Pirate Lord


“Crab Foot” DuBaku is a minor pirate lord who makes a living through raids on merchant ships that ply the western Mesobalmic Sea. He came by his name because of a deformed right foot that lacks proper toes and is split down the middle like the claw of a crab or lobster. Owing to this deformity, he cannot run or shift while fighting, but even so is a formidable foe in battle.

DuBaku commands 4 medium sized galleys and has a number of smaller ships at his disposal. While he is driven by avarice, DuBaku is not a cruel or evil man, and he exhorts his human and halfling crew not to maim or kill those they prey on if at all possible. Lately, however, his crews have been seen operating more ruthlessly than usual and outside their normal territory. This has left the merchant community puzzled and worried and has raised the ire of other pirate lords…

"Crab Foot" DuBaku

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