The world of Devonia is comprised of several continents surrounding a medium sized ocean (map). This grouping is surrounded by a huge and cold ocean spanning almost the entire globe. A few lands are rumored to populate this ocean, but they are so far from the populated continents that even their very existence is treated by many as a tall tale fit only to fascinate children and to humble the most boastful of explorers.

Thousands of years ago, through trade and warfare, the human race spread across Devonia and now dominates the population on most of the continents. The earliest recorded human empire expanded from the city-state of Altamir, and this empire planted the seeds from which almost all later human cultures would grow.

Alongside the Altamiran migrations, and at times ahead of them, scholars of Pelor (the patron deity of Altamir) fanned out to catalog the natural world. Largely through their efforts, the Altamiran language was spread throughout the world and has become a lingua franca for all of Devonia, now known simply as the Common tongue. Additionally, while almost all races and cultures have their own names for local places and landmarks, Altamiran systems became widely accepted for ease of trade and communications. These systems include common names for places and creatures of the natural world, monetary systems, and systems of weight and measure.


In the commonly accepted Devonian atlas, there are seven major continents and two outlying regions that comprise the dry land surface of Devonia. They are:


There are three major oceans spanning the Devonian globe.

Gulfs and Seas

The major gulfs and seas that dot the Devonian world include,


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